Air data computers are used by aircraft to acquire and process data from pitot and static pressure sensors, data buses and analog inputs to obtain key air data parameters such as altitude, airspeed, height deviation and temperature to ensure safe and accurate flight, on both rotary and fixed wing aircraft. Accurate low airspeed measurement is particualarly important in rotary applications but is problematic due to the effects of the flow of air from the rotor impinging on the pressure sensing system. This rotor downwash can particularly affect speed readings at take-off, landing and in the hover. 

Curtiss-Wright is a leading designer and manufacturer of air data computers (ADC) since 1976 and have an installed base of over ten thousand units. They are TSO-C106 and RTCA DO-178/254 DAL A certified on 30 aircraft platforms. We have developed proven technologies within our ADCs to mitigate these effects without requiring the additional mass and space mechanical systems introduce.

The needs of many operators to manage spares for diverse fleets is simplified with a single unit being usable on up to 15 different platforms through a simple pin-out selection. This reduces the cost of ownership through reduced spares requirements and simplified, flexible fleet management.



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