Curtiss-Wright supports industry standard data storage formats for recording and replay through dedicated software packages. Formats supported include IRIG-106 PCM, IRIG-106 Ch. 10, Ethernet (PCAP), real-time ARINC 573/717 (Flight Data Recorders) and optimized proprietary formats. The advanced software packages allow a user to view data in real-time in the field or replay at a later date. Archive and data conversion tools provide the ability to store and convert the recorded data into a wide range of industry standard formats allowing for further analysis in domain specific tools.

PGS Flight Data Applications Software supports Flight Operations and Quality Assurance (FOQA) programs, providing highly effective analysis and viewing tools for flight data. PGS provides a turnkey suite of tools to quickly and clearly interpret flight data. Daily replay and analysis enables immediate operational action. The Curtiss-Wright PGS software suite comprises all the necessary editors and tools to simplify routine flight data processing. The software, which serves all types of aircraft, provides a suite of tools that detect abnormal operations and events in seconds and analyze each event, optimizing fleet management and safety.

The REVEAL Data Visualization and Analysis Tool supports S3DR data recorders with a flexible, intuitive user interface and an extensive suite of valuable capabilities such as extracting, interpreting, visualizing and analyzing data. It also enables conversion of data into a variety of industry standard formats. REVEAL’s archive, erase and CD/DVD writing functions permit configuration of data recorders and management of recorded data.GS Works 8 is a complete real-time and post-test display and analysis software suite based on SYMVIONICS, Inc. IADS. GS Works 8 is scalable from a laptop to a large workgroup through its client/server software architecture. It is tightly integrated with Curtiss-Wright's data acquisition recording and ground station products.

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