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Indal Technologies combines a high level of engineering and manufacturing capability with expertise in the management of large and complex defense programs to produce unmatched solutions to the world’s navies.

Since incorporation in 1951 under the name Dominion Aluminum Fabricating Ltd., the company has developed its engineering design and manufacturing capabilities and today is heavily involved in systems integration and testing. This blend of engineering design and manufacturing has enabled the company to become a world leader in the design and development of ship borne helicopter handling systems and other sophisticated systems for international navies and commercial aviation industries. In November of 1989, Indal Technologies Inc. (ITI) acquired Fathom Oceanology Limited, to further strengthen and enhance its overall capabilities in sonar handling systems.

Military Supplier

In March 2005, ITI was acquired by the Curtiss-Wright Corporation. The company now operates as a business unit within Curtiss-Wright Flow Control. Products designed, produced and supported meet the many industry and customer standards in equipment specifications, manufacturing practices, quality assurance procedures, program management and control systems.

Indal Technologies employs a staff of professional engineers to enhance the company's product offerings and to accommodate customer requests for custom design. Trained technicians proficient in a variety of related fields and assisted by state-of-the-art computer aided engineering systems support these professionals. In support of the main helicopter handling market, the company has developed computer simulation programs for evaluating launch and recovery procedures of handling systems in various sea states and for conducting analysis of helicopter securing and landing gear loads.

These analyses are proving invaluable to navies in the selection and evaluation of systems tailored to their particular needs. The proprietary photogrammetric position sensing system used in helicopter recovery has been integrated into a system for automating the movement of aircraft passenger bridges at busy airports.

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