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The Future of FTI Configuration Software

October 23, 2017 | BY: Alan Cooke

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Flight test programs require Data Acquisition Systems (DAS) to collect and process valuable data. These DAS consist of many elements including sensors, data acquisition units, recorders, switches and transmitters. Setting up these components is achieved through software. There are several vendors that supply some or all of these components and they all have their own software to support them. In an ideal world, engineers would be able to cherry pick equipment from multiple vendors, and reuse what equipment they have from previous programs, to build the system they need.

However, typically trying to do this will result in integration problems as they will need to use multiple software suites and may encounter incompatibility issues with data formats and time synchronization. Even if they can find ways to work around these issues, there is increased work associated with using multiple software suites and it also increases the risk of time delays as the system will be more complex with more things to go wrong.

This white paper outlines how software from two formally separate businesses are being adapted to allow customers to take full advantage of the vast product portfolio from the combined product lines. It also describes how this change has further enhanced the flexibility and options now available to customers.

Download this white paper to learn more about:

  • Cross vendor software integration
  • Integrating hardware from different vendors
  • Meta data
  • XidML
  • MDL


Author’s Biography

Alan Cooke

Principal Software Architect

Alan Cooke is Principal Software Architect within the Avionics & Electronics group of Curtiss-Wright. He received his Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics from Dublin City University. Joining Curtiss-Wright in 2000 as a software engineer, he is now closely involved in the design and maintenance of the XidML schema as Principal Software Architect.

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