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Trusted Computing: Application Development, Testing, and Analysis for Optimal Security

June 27, 2018

David Sheets looks at Trusted Computing in application development, testing and analysis for optimal security.

Cyber security, anti tamper, data at rest, Trusted Computing, safety critical

A Fully Integrated COTS Approach for PNT to Ground Vehicles in GPS-Denied Environments

June 07, 2018

David Jedynak looks at new deployed approaches for detecting threats to GPS and providing position, navigation, and timing (PNT) information to the warfighter in GPS-denied environments.

Electronic Warfare, electronic warfare army, electronic warfare equipment, position, navigation, and timing (PNT), VICTORY, C4ISR, , GPS-denied environment,

Software Drivers Developed Enables VxWorks Users to Support Intel Xeon DMA Engine, 40Gbe

June 04, 2018

Mariana Iriarte looks at the solution Curtiss-Wright developed for High Performance Embedded Computing (HPEC) systems that deal with ISR applications based on the Wind River VxWorks real-time operating system (RTOS).

Military Embedded Systems

Computer Hardware's Role in Securing Operating Systems and Hypervisors in Trusted Computing Applications

May 30, 2018

David Sheets looks at the role of computer hardware in securing operating systems and hypervisors in trusted computing applications.

Military & Aerospace

High-Speed Cameras Help Validate Store Separation Prediction Models

May 18, 2018

Russell Moore looks at how photogrammetric high-speed camera missions capture sixdegree-of-freedom motion data that enable completion of airborne certification programs.

high-speed camera, high speed cameras, photogrammetric

Protecting Critical Data on Unmanned Underwater Platforms

May 01, 2018

Mike Southworth looks at protecting critical data on unmanned underwater platforms.

Protecting Critical Data on Unmanned Underwater Platforms

Pushing Airborne ISR Data Recorders to New Performance Heights

April 30, 2018

Paul Davis looks at how it’s now possible to design digital data recorders that can absorb upwards of 6 GB per second of streaming data, 400 percent more bandwidth then the fastest SFPDP recorder could handle.

Military Embedded Systems

Defense Spending Opens Door to System Technology Innovations

April 27, 2018

Mike McPherson looks at where that budget will be spent and what areas may present opportunities for designers to innovate to close current and future technology gaps.

AI, Artifical Intelligence, robotics, big data, cybersecurity, defense budget

Trusted computing hardware features for maintaining cyber security during operation

April 25, 2018

David Sheets looks at the hardware features built-in to the most popular defense and aerospace processor architectures to ensure the continued cyber security of a trusted computing system.

Trusted Computing, Cyber security, anti tamper, data at rest, safety critical

Trusted Boot: A Key Strategy for Ensuring the Trustworthiness of an Embedded Computing System

April 25, 2018

Steve Edwards looks at how Trusted Boot is a key strategy for ensuring the trustworthiness of an embedded computing system against cyber attacks.

cyber attack, Trusted computing, trusted boot, cybersecurity, anti-tamper

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