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SWaP-Optimized: The Right Way to Add Advanced Surveillance Capabilities to Rotorcraft

October 31, 2018

Val Chrysostomou looks at the challenges of adding advanced surveillance capabilities to rotorcraft and the solution.

Air Beat Magazine

Testing Safety-Certifiable Software

October 25, 2018

John Mannarino looks at how embedded avionics software must undergo a rigorous approval and testing process before it can be approved as airworthy.

Mission Computer, SBC, DO-254, Safety Certifiable, Aerospace Software

Ethernet IP Camera for Airborne Applications

October 23, 2018

Russ Moore discusses Ethernet IP cameras used for flight test instrumentation and the need for them to be ruggedized and use the latest compression technology and network equipment to provide excellent results.

Ethernet, IP Camera, Aerospace, Flight Test Instrumentation, FTI

Milestone in Abstracting the Hardware: Realizing the Promise of FACE

October 17, 2018

Mark Grovak looks at the wide adoption of the Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE) Consortium, and how system integrators can reap tremendous benefits in interoperability and cost.

FACE, Intel, ARM, FACE Technical Interchange Meeting, COTS, DO-254

Decomposing System Security to Prevent Cyber Attacks in Trusted Computing Architectures

September 26, 2018

Trusted computing systems designers should consider system security early in the design process to prevent cyber attacks.

trusted computing, anti tamper, data-at rest, cybersecurity, system design

Advances in Switching Bring Rugged 1/10 GbE Networking to Embedded Platforms

September 07, 2018

Mike Southworth looks at how the availability of 10 GbE Layer 3 switch technology will help eliminate data bottlenecks by bringing enterprise-class networking to the warfighter.

10 GBE networking, Cybersecurity, ISR, ESS technlogy, Electromagnetic Interference

Cooling the Beast: Heat-Dissipation Techniques for Next-Gen Processors

August 29, 2018

Jeremy Banks looks at how newer-generation processing devices offer hugely boosted capability for military applications such as airborne data processing, shipboard electronics, and ground vehicle systems.

FPGA, Air Flow Through Cooling, 3U VPX

The Trusted Computing Implications of Interfaces, and How They Can Influence System Performance

August 22, 2018

Steve Edwards and David Sheets explore the implications of how interfaces influence system design in trusted computing.

trusted computing, data-at rest, cybersecurity, system design

VITA 76.0 Solves 10G Cabling Need

August 21, 2018

The VITA 76.0 connector ensures exceptional signal integrity for high-speed interconnects over maximum cable length on (SWaP)-constrained ground, airborne, and naval platforms.

VITA 76, Small form factor, sff, signal integrity

Bringing VxWorks Support to Intel Xeon D-based EW Systems

August 07, 2018

Denis Smetana looks at the advantages that the Intel Xeon processor D-1500 product family brings to compute-intensive embedded electronic warfare (EW) system design.

VxWorks, Intel Xeon D, Electronic warfare, EW, C4ISR

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