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Navigating The VPX Ecosystem VITA Open Standards

March 14, 2018

Jeremy Banks looks at why understanding the VPX ecosystem and how standards fit together is vital to achieving key system design objectives.

Vita 48.8, Vita 47, Vita 46, VPX, high Performance, Cooling

Three Reasons to Pay Attention to Arm Processors

March 06, 2018

Mike Slonosky looks at why Arm processors are an impressive technology for defense systems and modules, such as single board computers (SBCs).

Arm processor, sbc, high performance,

5 Ways to Simplify Turret Aiming and Stabilization

March 01, 2018

For the highest degree of motion control and stability for battle tanks, infantry and fighting vehicles. See 5 ways to simplify turret aiming and stabilization in our downloadable infographic.

Turret Aiming, Stabilization

Why Partner with Curtiss-Wright for DO-254 Safety-Certifiable Avionics Systems

February 01, 2018

Curtiss-Wright can help you obtain the safety-certifiable building blocks, certification artifacts, and third party partnerships needed to jump-start development and get complete, certified avionics systems to market faster.

Do-254, DO-178, DO-160G

Adding Redundant Links for High Availability Embedded Networking

January 31, 2018

Andrew McCoubrey looks at high availability embedded networking and techniques for mitigating network failures.

Ethernet, embedded networking, high availability

Trusted Computing: A Layered Approach to Security

January 30, 2018

Aaron Frank looks at how security must be implemented at every layer of each solution to create a system that can be fully trusted.

Trusted Computing

Sensory Data Processing Simplified with GPGPU Tech and COTS Building Blocks

January 29, 2018

Marc Couture looks at how standards-based, pre-validated building blocks can help to reduce program risk, accelerate development and build quality, cost-efficient HPEC systems.

GPGPU, GPU, OpenVPX, 3U OpenVPX,  6U OpenVPX

SC17: What do we see coming from the Super Computer World?

January 17, 2018

Curtiss-Wright’s Software Sr. Product Manager Tammy Carter shares her experience at SC17, Super Computer World Conference.

hpec, open hpec, high performance embedded computing

Six Trusted Computing Terms That Should Be Top of Mind in Defense and Aerospace System Design

January 05, 2018

Aaron Frank looks at six trusted computing terms and how they protect critical program information in defense and aerospace systems.

Trusted Computing, AES-256, type 1, FIPS 140-2, malware, data integrity,

Three Ways Power Architecture SBCs Deliver Trust Architecture – and Security to Boot

January 05, 2018

Mike Slonosky takes a deeper look at cyber security and how trusted hardware is a key component in any trusted computing solution.

Cyber security, anti-tamper, trusted computing

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