Curtiss-Wright’s open architecture Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) based rugged embedded computing solutions process data in real time to support mission-critical functions. We play a key industry role in the establishment of resources and services to ensure that our customers have access to the long lifecycle support required by aerospace and defense programs. We offer unmatched and comprehensive approaches for mitigating obsolescence, blocking the use of counterfeit parts, and developing product roadmaps to ease the integration of future generations of technologies.

We are the technological leader in providing COTS products and open architecture solutions for mission computing, signal processing, graphics, communication fabrics, system and sensing I/O and data storage. The "building block" approach to providing solutions gives our customers great benefits with respect to cost, lead time and supportability. While providing these non-developmental items, the technology developed and the intellectual property also becomes a benefit for our customers in the ability to provide custom or point-design products when necessary.

Curtiss-Wright has products deployed on hundreds of defense and industrial programs and continues to provide support throughout their life cycle.  We provide product families for a volume production period of five to seven plus years. During this period, products undergo continuous improvement through software revisions, reliability enhancements and component upgrades. We realize our defense customers require knowledge, and often control, of these improvements. Application stability and predictability is essential for deployed mission-critical systems, which have an in-service life long past the volume production period. To meet these marketplace demands, Curtiss-Wright provides a suite of Continuum Lifecycle Services that safeguard your programs and mitigate the challenges associated with leveraging COTS technology for long-term mission-critical systems.

Bus & Protocol Analyzers

Bus & Protocol Analyzers

Thousands of system developers and designers have substantially reduced their project development time through Vanguard bus & protocol analyzers. These indispensable, ready-to-use tools enable debugging hardware and software through the BusView, graphical user interface software or an optional API interface. More>

  • Bus Analyzers, Exercisers, Protocol Checkers and Compliance Checkers
  • Available for VMEbus, PCI, PCI-X, CompactPCI, and PMC form factors
  • Enables debugging hardware and software
  • USB or Ethernet Interfaces
Data Recorder Cards

Data Recorder Cards

High speed data recording cards that support signal processing applications using high-performance scalable record, playback and analysis of data in real-time. More>

  • Multi-channel, solid state recorders
  • 3U and 6U VPX recorders
  • High-speed recording, playback and analysis systems
Direct Attached Storage

Direct Attached Storage

Enable solid state and rotating media to be incorporated in embedded computing VPX and VXS system solutions for a wide range of applications. More>

  • High performance, high capacity, removable SATA storage
  • Compact Flash to IDE adapter
  • Optional data encryption (multi-level)
3U VPX FPGA Processor Cards

FPGA Cards

Curtiss-Wright addresses the demands for increased data and signal processing performance, along with flexible interfaces for handling sensor I/O, through our full line of FPGA cards supporting Xilinx Virtex and Kintex FPGA devices. More>

  • Xilinx Virtex-7, 6 and 5 FPGA Processors
  • 6U and 3U OpenVPX, VPX and VPX-REDI as well as PMC/XMC form factor
  • Air-cooled and conduction-cooled versions
Graphics Processor

Graphics & Video Cards

Curtiss-Wright's family of graphics controllers and video frame grabbers are specifically designed for providing man-machine interfaces where graphics and sensor imagery must be combined. These modules are supported with standards-based X11 and OpenGL software interfaces. They support a wide range More>

  • Rugged Graphics and Frame Grabbers
  • Digital Mapping and Visualization
  • Safety Certifiable (DO-178B/DO-254) Solutions
  • Video Compression, Switching and Windowing
  • VPX, XMC, PMC and PC/104-Plus form factors
  • Longevity of Supply
  • High performance with a selection of I/O options
High performance embedded computing

High Performance Embedded Computing Software Tools

High Performance Embedded Computing (HPEC) systems contain a package of open, standards-based tools proven in the realm of traditional supercomputers. We have selected the best supercomputer development tools, from well-known companies like Bright Computing and Allinea Software, and integrated them into the OpenHPEC Accelerator Suite. More>

  • Supercomputer development tools
  • Bright Cluster Manager
  • System Bit Framework
  • Allinea DDT Debugger & Profiler
  • Dolphin PCIe
  • OpenHPEC Math Libraries
I/O Communication, VPX

I/O & Communication Boards

Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions has over 20 years experience in the design and production of best-of breed COTS signal acquisition hardware. Our I/O and communications solutions are designed to handle the toughest operating environments. More>

  • Analog, Digital & Fiber-optic I/O
  • ARINC429, CANBus, MIL-STD-1553, Serial FPDP, and StarFabric solutions
  • Carrier cards
  • SCRAMNET shared memory
Networking Cards

Networking Cards

Curtiss-Wright switches and routers enable the vision of networked military and aerospace systems by providing systems integrators with a fast and powerful way to interconnect chassis, cards, and CPU's through switched Gigabit, 10 Gigabit and 40 Gigabit Ethernet as well as sRIO and Infini band links. More>

  • Switches & Routers operate at wire-speed
  • VPX, VME, VXS, CompactPCI, XMC, PMC, and PC104 Form Factors
  • Protocol-transparent, Low-latency Physical Layer Switches
  • Support Ethernet, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, InfiniBand, and Serial RapidIO
Processor Cards

Processor Cards

Curtiss-Wright addresses the demands for increased data and signal processing performance, along with requirements for lower power and high performance I/O, through our full line of processor cards supporting Core & Xeon D, Power Architecture, GPGPU/Graphics and FPGA processors. More>

  • Intel, Power Architecture, GPGPU and FPGA processors
  • VPX, OpenVPX, VME, XMC, PMC and VXS form factors
  • Supports the long lifecycle of defense and aerospace programs
  • Supported by a range of Board Support Packages (BSPs), signal & data processing libraries, FPGA toolkits, device drivers, and other libraries and source code
  • DO-254 safety certifiable versions available
PC104 Power Supplies & Adapters

Power Supplies & Adapters

Curtiss-Wright manufactures rugged DC/DC converter boards for stackable PC/104 and other small form factor embedded systems applications. More>

  • Supports -40/+85°C extended temperature operation
  • Supports high shock/vibration environments
  • Support PC/104, PC/104-Plus and PCI/104-Express Form Factors
Radar Acquisition & Processing Cards

Radar Acquisition & Processing Cards

Curtiss-Wright's radar acquisition and processing solutions include radar acquisition, display, scan conversion, and software to provide customers with a complete solution for your radar project requirements. More>

  • Radar Scan Converters supporting sector scan, reverse scan and random scan input from phased-array or rotating antennas
  • Applications including air traffic control (ATC) displays, VTS display command and control consoles, and radar head monitors

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