VXS3200 VXS Physical Layer Switch

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Key Features

  • 6U, 4HP (0.8") single-width slot VXS form factor
  • 100 high-speed serial lanes
  • 18 Backplane Payload Slot ports (4 lanes each)
  • 12 Front panel Fiber Optic port connectors (one lane each)
  • 4 Backplane Interswitch Link ports (4 lanes each)
  • Up to 3.2 Gbps signaling rate per lane
  • Linkable to a second VXS3200 switch through Interswitch Link ports
  • Extended temperature air-cooled design (0° to +65° C operating)
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The VXS3200 Physical Layer Switch is a managed, non-blocking crosspoint fabric switch implemented on a 6U, 4HP (Horizontal Pitch, 1HP= .2") VXS air-cooled module. The VXS3200 VXS crosspoint fabric switch meets the MIL-STD-167-1 for type 1 vibration, and withstands a 15g lab shock test. At the front panel the VXS3200 VXS crosspoint fabric switch provides 12 full duplex optical interfaces and one 10/100 Ethernet system communication port. Front panel LED indicators provide signal detect and output status of each port, along with the card status.

The VXS3200 VXS crosspoint fabric switch supports routing between eighteen 4X (quad port) payload ports, four 4X interswitch ports, and twelve 1X front panel optical ports. All lanes within 4X ports may be individually routed, effectively allowing the user to configure 72 single payload ports and 16 interswitch ports. All ports are capable of running at data rates up to 3.2 Gbps per lane. The user may configure point-to-point, chain, loop, and multicast topologies. While this broad range of payload port routing is available, its scope is ultimately dependant on the structure of the host backplane. Each port input may be optionally set for data retiming to enhance signal integrity. The protocol or structure of data routed through the switch is ignored and is unaltered by its passage through the switch. The four available interswitch ports may be used to link to a second VXS3200 switch to expand switching capabilities.

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