VPX3-683 3U VPX 24x 1GbE + 2x 10GbE Gigabit Ethernet Switch/Router

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  • 3U VPX form factor, complies with OpenVPX/VITA 65 standards
  • Fully Managed or Unmanaged
    • CLI (industry standard), Web, SNMP Interfaces
    • Extensive MIB support
  • 24 x 1GbE SerDes ports (IEEE 802.3)
  • 2 x 10GbE uplink/stacking ports (XAUI) IEEE 802.3ae
  • Rear Transition Module (RTM) with SFPs for 1GbEand Infiniband connectors for 10GbE
  • Supports 1000MB/s SerDes
  • Supports 1000Base-T copper
  • Supports 1000BaseSX optics
  • Supports 10GbE XAUI copper
  • Supports 9.5K Jumbo frames
  • Declassification capability
  • Fast boot with extensive protocols support
  • Management ports
  • Serial RS-232 port for out of band management
  • In-band GbE management support
  • Out of band 10/100 software debug port
  • High performance Layer 2/3+ switching/routing software
  • Wire-speed IPv4/v6 support
  • Extensive IETF RFCs supported
  • Switching, VLANs, Routing, Multicasting, Tunneling
  • Port mirroring, flow control, QoS and traffic shaping using CoS
  • SSH, SSL, Secure memory erase
  • Extensive Built In Test (BIT) support
    • Power-up, Initiated, and Continuous BIT
  • IPMI capable
  • Health Monitoring (voltage, current, temperature sensors)
  • Field upgradeable software
  • Air-cooled and Conduction-cooled versions
VME-682 Ethernet Switch/Router

VME-682 Ethernet Switch/Router

24 x 10/100/1000-ports and 2x 10GbE-port VME Managed/Unmanaged Ethernet Switch/Router Enabling the vision of inter-networked heterogeneous military and aerospace systems in the Global...

VPX3-685 3U VPX 14/17/20-port + 2x 10GbE Managed Ethernet Switch & Secure Router

VPX3-685 3U VPX 14/17/20-port + 2x 10GbE Managed Ethernet Switch & Secure Router

This product is not recommended for new designs. We have a range of VPX switches and routers. The VPX3-685 is a fully-featured Layer-2/Layer-3 managed Ethernet router with a highly integrated...

VPX6-684 6U VPX 24x 1GbE and 4x 10GbE Managed Ethernet Switch and Router

VPX6-684 6U VPX 24x 1GbE and 4x 10GbE Managed Ethernet Switch and Router

Curtiss-Wright's VPX6-684 FireBlade provides Systems Integrators with a fast, secure and unified approach to interconnect subsystems, chassis, cards, and compute nodes within any given platform...

VPX6-6902 6U OpenVPX Serial RapidIO and Ethernet Switch

VPX6-6902 6U OpenVPX Serial RapidIO and Ethernet Switch

The VPX6-6902 is a combined management, control and dataplane switch for small, mid-size and large 6U VPX systems. Supporting a centralized switch architecture in both star and dual-star...


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This product has been discontinued. We have a range of VPX switches and routers.

Enabling the vision of net-centric operations and extending the reach of transformational networks, the VPX3-683 Fireblade is a GbE multi-layer switch that is ideally suited for building Intra-Platform Networks (IPNs) for air, land, and sea vehicles or ground stations. VPX3-683 VPX Ethernet Switch enables fast, reliable forwarding (switching and routing) of control and data packets with up to 24 wire-speed 10/100/1000Mbps interfaces and up to two 10Gbps uplinks that can be used to connect multiple chassis, cards, or even processors within platform networks.

Using star, dual star, mesh and hybrid network topologies, the VPX3-683 3U VPX Gigabit Ethernet Switch provides a flexible cost effective solution that can be used to architect reliable 1 or 10GbE communications infrastructure for current and future networked platforms. Redundancy and fail-over can be implemented using dual star and mesh networks while investment dollars can be retained by implementing hybrid network topologies that coexist with legacy and/or next generation interconnection strategies. Ready to deploy, the VPX3-683 Fireblade allows systems integrators to reduce development costs and time-to-market by simply plugging the VPX3-683 Fireblade into their 3U VPX chassis, connecting the appropriate Ethernet ports, and focusing on the optimal partitioning and segmentation of their application's network.

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