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The TDSS is comprised of three different upgradeable configurations that provide a range of aiming and stabilization functionality, matched to the needs of your mission, across the full range of turret sizes. Each configuration includes a range of selectable options that increase system performance and functionality.

Turret Drive Servo System TDSS overview

Configuration 1: The basic TDSS configuration is a hand drive that can mechanically move the turret in azimuth and the gun in elevation.
Configuration 2: A servo drive provides basic electromechanical aiming of the turret and the gun and a hand drive interface can be provided for backup. This system configuration includes rotary and/or linear drives, motor controllers, and optional hand controllers.
Configuration 3: This configuration includes everything in configuration 2 with the addition of gyroscopes for stabilized turret control.
Customized: We work in close collaboration with you to develop a completely customized solution based on your requirements. Even the actual drive design is adaptable to your turret requirements.


System Configuration Options

TDSS upgrade Path

Within each system configuration you have the option to incrementally gain functionality through upgrades as the needs of your mission change. This means that while you have Configuration 2 installed, for example, you can easily step up to Configuration 3, a stabilized system, by adding gyroscopes, without the need to replace the existing hardware. If your mission demands fall outside of the pre-defined configurations listed, a completely customized system can be developed to your requirements.

Rotary Gear Drives

Rotary Gear Drives

Curtiss-Wright electrical rotary gear drives for turret aiming and stabilization systems are designed for dynamics and speed with Swiss precision and performance. More>

  • Modularly designed
  • Manual drive and emergency brake
  • Accuracy at slow and dynamic speeds
Linear Drives

Linear Drives

Elevation linear gear drives for turret aiming and stabilization systems provide high quality, Swiss precision, and performance for all of your turret requirements. More>

  • Spindle gear and servo motor
  • Manual drive and emergency brake
  • Highly dynamic and accurate
Motor Controllers

Motor Controllers

Motor Controllers for turret Aiming and Stabilization systems More>

  • Modular motor control for all turret sizes
  • Embedded software, service software and electronics interfaces included
Hand Controllers

Hand Controllers

Hand controllers developed to meet the high demands of the military sector while providing reliability and optimal user comfort. More>

  • 1 and 2 hand controllers
  • Fix or deflection grip types
  • A variety of siwtches and buttons 
  • Color and printing options


Aiming and stabilization system fiber optic gyroscopes are designed for demanding high performance military environmental requirements. More>

  • Single and dual-axis gyros available
  • Designed to MIL-STD-810 ground mobile
  • Include online BIT
Aiming and Stabilization Software

Aiming and Stabilization Software

Turret Aiming and stabilization software enables commissioning, error handling, parameter handling, analysis and maintenance operation. More>

  • Reduce maintenance time
  • Easy system set-up
  • Easy system analysis with built-in test

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