Multi-Channel Synchronized Recorder (MCSR)

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Key Features

  • sFPDP, Ethernet and 10 GbE data recorded at full line rate
  • Up to 5 Gbps per channel sFPDP data recording
  • Synchronized time-accurate playback across multiple channels
  • Direct access to recorded data
  • Removable data storage and system drives
  • Data retrieval via GbE or 10 GbE data offload connection
  • Lab and rugged capture cards



  • Instrumentation
  • Radar
  • Sensor development
  • Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR)
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Multi-Channel Synchronized Recorder System (MCSR) supports sFPDP, Ethernet, and 10 GbE protocols

The Multi-Channel Synchronized Recorder (MCSR) is a family of turnkey, scalable, streaming data recorders that consists of uniquely equipped 1U or 2U controllers with space-saving removable storage. The MCSR supports various protocols including Serial FPDP (sFPDP), Ethernet and 10 GbE. The MCSR utilizes highly capable data capture hardware and software that has been optimized to meet today’s demanding data recording applications. The MCSR has everything you need, and none of the risk.

High-Speed Data Capture

Curtiss-Wright’s data capture hardware is optimized to support high speed, high-throughput applications. The Universal Capture Card (UCC) is available as both a rugged XMC card and a lab PCIe card. The UCC can capture four channels of sFPDP data at speeds up to 5 Gbps on each link. This provides tremendous data recording and playback capability. The UCC card is also capable of capturing four full line rate Ethernet channels and two full line rate 10 GbE channels. The optimized data capture and playback hardware provide the necessary capabilities to meet today’s data intensive applications.

Unique Data Capture and Time-stamping

The MCSR uses a proprietary data capture hardware system that hardware allows the data recorder to capture incoming sFPDP, Ethernet and 10 GbE data frames, time-stamping each frame at full (sFPDP, Ethernet) or near full (10 GbE) line rate. With extremely accurate time-stamping prior to storage, your data can later be played back via the channels just like it was recorded. The MCSR time-stamping also gives you the accuracy needed for detailed post-mission data analysis.

The MCSR data capture hardware is available in both lab and rugged grades. The data capture hardware is available for use in applications where data is being gathered in extreme temperature, shock, vibration and high endurance environments. The rugged data capture hardware supports the recording of high-speed data in harsh environments.


The MCSR data recorder is easily repackaged to meet application specific requirements. The MCSR is modular in design which makes the transfer of the functionality of the data recorder to different form factors low-risk and low-cost. The MCSR data recording system has been re-packaged in a variety of different form factors including: different size servers, portable PCs and rugged chassis. Curtiss-Wright will work with you to find the right packaging for your application requirements.

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