SLX4000 Rackmount Physical Layer Switch

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Key Features

  • Multi-protocol, multi-rate support
  • Works with both GLX4000 and SLX4000 switches
  • Hot swappable 
  • Media conversion copper-to-optical


  • Interop Labs 
    • Multiple protocols 
    • Copy to data recorder 
  • Test Labs 
    • High-Speed Data Communications 
    • Manufacturing test support 
    • Performance testing 
  • Data Centers 
    • Media Conversion 
    • Redundant Links 
GLX4000 144-Port Rackmount Physical Layer Switch

GLX4000 144-Port Rackmount Physical Layer Switch

Product Change Notice - GLX4000 The Curtiss-Wright GLX4000 Physical Layer Switch accepts up to three modular port cards with 48 ports per card, making them scalable. Both non-retimed and retimed...

GLX/SLX Port Cards

RT4000 Port Cards for the GLX4000 and SLX4000

Product Change Notice - RT4000 The modular design of the GLX/SLX port cards gives users unmatched flexibility. The port cards support a wide range of serial protocols including: 1/2/4/8 & 10...


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Product Change Notice - SLX4000

The SLX4000 Physical Layer Switch (PLS) is a managed, non-blocking, multipurpose cross-point switch for digital signals at speeds up to 10 Gbps. Any input can be switched to any output. The protocol or structure of data routed through the SLX4000 switch is ignored and passes through unaltered. As a result, the SLX4000 Physical Layer Switch can be used with many different types of networks and signals. The SLX4000 is a single-slot PLS that holds a single port card. Each port card handles 48 channels of I/O.

The SLX4000 switch comes equipped with hot-swappable power supplies, port cards and SFPs to allow users to quickly add or replace parts without impacting system up-time. A Compact Flash module acts as the switch's disk drive for the CPU and can be removed for security reasons. The SLX4000 Linux operating system, controlling firmware and nonvolatile port configuration data reside on the module.

The SLX4000 Physical Layer Switch is ideal for electronic patch panel, media conversion switching and test lab automation applications. It saves time, reduces errors, enables sharing of resources and provides media conversion.

Advantages of the SLX4000 include:

  • Saves time by wiring once: connects all of your devices under test and makes topology changes via the user interface
  • Automates tests and reduces errors: remotely changes topologies and runs scripts to reduce wiring and configuration issues
  • Media conversion: brings in signals over copper and changes them to optical outputs
  • Shares expensive resources/saves money: enables connection and sharing of valuable resources like analyzers, sniffers and data recorders

The SLX4000 system uses Curtiss-Wright's family of GLX port cards, which support a variety of serial data transmission standards including 1, 2,  and 4 Gb/s fibre channel, 10 Gb/s Ethernet, 10/100/1000 Ethernet, serial FPDP and many other serial digital signals. The port cards are easy to swap, making the SLX4000 adaptable to many network-switching applications.

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