VRD1-AC All-in-one Video Solution

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Key Features

  • Video
    • Support for HD video up to 1080p and 1920x1200
    • Total of 18 HD-SDI, DVI, RGB, CVBS inputs. 3G-SDI planned.
    • Total of 12 HD-SDI, DVI, RGB outputs
    • Advanced video scaling, standards conversion, picture-in-picture and dual/quad display output
  • Compression
    • 6 channels of MPEG4 H.264 compression
    • Full resolution at 30fps
  • Interfaces
    • 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports for control and network video input and output
    • 4 audio - recorded in sync with the video
    • SATA routed to SSD disk caddies
All-in-One Video System

VRD1-CC All-in-One Video System

The VRD1-CC video management system is a fully HD-capable turnkey solution for video format conversion, scaling and switching. These functions are complemented by video compression, recording and...


The VRD1-AC is a breakthrough in video management that permits scalable and flexible video configurations in a 19" rack. The VRD1-AC video management system offers an unbeatable combination of switching, compression, networking and recording in a "configure and go" rugged box. With so much functionality and flexibility in one rack-mount box, the VRD1-AC can replace a rack of board level products, resulting in truly impressive cost savings. For example, the VRD1-AC video management system excels at sophisticated applications that require a hub or switch and move video to different locations on platforms such as armored vehicles, ships or aircraft.

In many applications it is desirable to view the video from more than one source at a time and the VRD1-AC video management system provides this capability through its scaling processor. Up to four video sources can be combined into a single output.

In order to maximize the number of channels of video that can be distributed over an Ethernet connection and the number of hours of video that can be recorded to disk, it is often necessary to compress video.

The VRD1-AC video management system uses the industry-standard MPEG4 Part 10 (H.264) compression algorithm and the user can control the compression parameters. The VRD1-AC video management system records video with metadata and audio. Each video frame can be encoded together with an on-screen display to indicate time of recording and that it is a recorded image.

Recorded video and audio can be replayed by the VRD1-AC video management system to directly connected displays (through the video switch) or to network-attached operator consoles with multiple streams synchronized using the embedded timestamp metadata.

The VRD1-AC video management system has advanced network-controlled capabilities. The VRD1-AC video management system standard specification makes it a sophisticated off-the-shelf solution in video-centric applications but it has been designed to support cost-effective modification for applications that require a different mix of video I/O types.

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