Ultra-Compact, Scalable and Reliable Data Acquisition

The Axon is an ultra-compact data acquisition system that is ideal as a remote node or as a stand alone chassis. It builds on Curtiss-Wright’s heritage as a leading supplier of rugged reliable data acquisition and works seamlessly with the widely used Acra KAM-500 DAU chassis. Axon supports the same data formats as the KAM-500, and both can be configured using the same setup software and data from both can be synchronised easily using a protocol such as the IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP).

The Axon uses hardware-based acquisition engines to minamise data loss, support deterministic operation and ensure rapid recovery in the case of a power brownout. Axon uses a high-speed serial backplane (1 Gbps dedicated link per module) to ensure future high data rates are supported. This design also allows off-the-shelf data acquisition modules to be placed in ultra-miniature "Axonite" housings and located remotely. These can be separated from the chassis by up to 20 meters. Locating data acquisition closer to the sensors can significantly decrease the installation time and cost of the instrumentation while simultaneously reducing wiring weight.

Further flexibility is provided by Axon’s dual Gigabit Ethernet outputs, which simplify the addition of Ethernet nodes or allow multiple DAU chassis to be daisy chained together. An on-board processor speeds configuration, pre-flight checks, and in-service firmware upgrading.

The Axon is ideal for use in Flight Test Instrumentation, Airborne Telemetry, Flight Data Monitoring and Space Data Handling applications.

AXN/ADC/401 - Flexible ADC Module

AXN/ADC/401 - Flexible ADC Module

The AXN/ADC/401 is used to condition and digitize up to eight analog channels. More>

  • Eight flexible input channels
  • Programmable input range (±40mV to ±10V)
  • High accuracy (0.02% FSR typical)
  • Programmable current or voltage excitation per channel
  • High input resistance when on/off
AXN/BCU/401 - Axon backplane controller

AXN/BCU/401 - Axon backplane controller

The AXN/BCU/401 is a dual-port full-duplex, Gigabit Ethernet, Axon backplane controller packet programmer. More>

  • Dual-port bi-directional, full-duplex, Gigabit Ethernet connection with auto-sensing
  • Supports daisy chaining of Axon chassis
  • IENA, iNET-X, iNET, and IRIG 106 Chapter 10 UDP-compatible packetization structures
AXN/CHS/16U - Axon chassis, 16 user-slots

AXN/CHS/16U - Axon chassis, 16 user-slots

The AXN/CHS/16U is a compact sixteen user-slot data acquisition chassis, which includes a housing and backplane. Learn more! More>

  • Power supply unit and sixteen user-slots
  • 18-40 VDC isolated power supply
  • Rugged aluminum housing
AXN/EXT/401 - Axon extender card

AXN/EXT/401 - Axon extender card

The AXN/EXT/401 is an extender card, which allows modules contained in an Axonite (AXN/ITE/01U) remote housing to connect to an Axon chassis. More>

  • Connects modules contained in AXN/ITE/01U remote housing to Axon chassis backplane
  • Provides power to modules contained in AXN/ITE/01U remote housing
  • Modules can be located up to 20m from Axon chassis
  • Connects to one AXN/ITE/01U
AXN/ITE/01U - Remote housing for Axon module

AXN/ITE/01U - Remote housing for Axon module

The AXN/ITE/01U allows Axon user modules to be housed remotely from the Axon chassis. More>

  • Houses single Axon module
  • Modules can be located up to 20m from an Axon chassis
  • Volume of less than 8 cubic inches
  • Powered via interface to Axon chassis
  • Rugged aluminum housing

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