TAS-311 Tracking Antenna System (TAS), For S-Band Ground Receive Application

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  • Compact Portable Ground Receive Station for S-Band (2.2 – 2.4 GHz) telemetry reception
  • PCM/FM, SOQPSK TM data demodulation up to 20 Mbps. Easily integrated with external media, computer, and/or network for recording the demodulated TM clock and data
  • Right Hand Circular Polarization (RHCP) directional antenna. Left hand circular and linear polarization options also available
  • Autonomous search and acquisition of Test Articles or Targets
  • Tracking modes include autonomous RF Signal and Manual tracking. Dual axis target tracking in azimuth (unlimited continuous 360°) and elevation (0° to 90°)
  • Autonomous update of system location and heading
  • Operates using 28VDC external power supply or 24VDC external battery. Other prime power options also available
  • System setup, control, and monitoring through intuitive GUI installed on local (external) computer or network. Communications are local serial (RS-232) and remote (Ethernet). Operational within 5 minutes of removal from transport case
  • Radome enclosed for environmental protection. Easily transportable as a fully assembled and stowed system, in ruggedized transport case, for rapid deployment to remote locations
  • Comprehensive built-in-tests allow fault detection and localization to module level



  • Flight Test Article Tracking (Aircraft, Helicopters, UAVs)
  • Ground Operational Test & Evaluation (Army, Marines)
  • Remote, unmanned, ground tracking network infrastructure at test ranges and mobile sites
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TAS-311-1, Tracking Antenna System (TAS), is a compact light-weight S Band telemetry (TM) ground receiving station, comprising of RHCP flat panel antenna, tracking controller, RF receiver, and a dual-axis mechnical positioners all enclosed within a radome for environmental protection.

The TAS is designed to provide TM reception during flight tests of aircraft, helicopters and UAVs, at remote locations currently not covered by the test range infrastructure. The TAS also provides support for operational test and evaluation of ground vehicles and personnel, often as part of a training or war-game exercise. The unit is easily transported by air and ground vehicle in a ruggedized case, for deployment at remote locations.

The TAS operates using an external DC power source conforming to MIL-STD-704F. The TAS is also operable at remote locations with an external high capacity 24VDC battery. The TAS is rapidly configured through serial communications and GUI installed on an external computer.

The TAS provides autonomous search and acquisition of designated test articles, based on the assigned carrier frequency. The TAS provides the capability for seamless transition from acquisition to track, using one of three tracking modes, (i) RF signal tracking, (ii) test article GPS location (if available) tracking, and (iii) manual tracking by the user/operator. For multiple test articles with closely assigned frequencies, the TAS provides a sorted list of available targets and their directions, based on their received signal strength and quality. The user may select the preferred test article for continued autonomous tracking.

The TAC provides exceptional performance with low system noise figure and good gain over noise temperature (G/T) using modular sub-systems. The demodulated clock and data is available for storage on the external computer, network, or media. It also provides the option to view selected TM data on the external computer, when used with the optional TTC decommutation software. This option enables the user to view high priority data channels directly at the test site.

The TAS is designed for operation in harsh environments with direct exposure to solar radiation, rain, sand and dust, and fog.

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