Curtiss-Wright combines engineering and manufacturing capability with expertise in the management of large and complex defense programs to produce unmatched solutions for the world’s navies. This blend of engineering design and manufacturing has made us a world leader in the design and development of ship borne helicopter handling systems, undersea sensor handling systems, and specialized on-deck structures for international navies.

Our customers see unique value in:

  • Enhanced safety for both personnel and equipment
  • Superior performance at a competitive price
  • Reliable, long term support and services

Curtiss-Wright engineers work to enhance the company's product offerings and to accommodate customer requests for custom design, assisted by state-of-the-art computer aided engineering systems. In support of helicopter handling, we've developed computer simulation programs for evaluating launch and recovery procedures in various sea states and for conducting analysis of helicopter securing and landing gear loads.These analyses are invaluable in the selection of systems that best meet unique needs.

Navies from around the globe also utilize our variable depth sonar (VDS) cable handling systems, towed sonar bodies and faired tow cable systems.  In the design of each system we employ an extensive database of real-world towing information as well as sophisticated dynamic analysis methodology and computational tools.

We also offer customized shipboard hangars for use on surface vessels with limited upper deck space. Unique configurations and rugged aluminum alloy construction provide maximum protection, enabling these hangars to withstand severe shock waves and blast overpressures.

Helicopter Securing & Traversing

Helicopter Securing & Traversing

Enabling helicopter pilots to safely land and take-off from the decks of small ships in severe weather and at night and traverse the helicopter into and out of a hangar. More>

  • Recover, Assist, Secure and Traverse systems
  • Aircraft Ship Integrated Secure and Traverse system
  • Non-embedded, free standing acquisition system
  • Battery-electric acquistion system
  • Lowprofile, battery operated tow
Underwater Sensor Handling

Underwater Sensor Handling

A field proven range of cable handling systems developed for naval applications, supporting a range of depth requirements and vessel sizes. More>

  • Variable Depth Sonar handling systems
  • Towed Line Array handling systems
  • Domes, Towed Bodies and Fairings
Ship Aviation Support Systems

Ship Aviation Support Systems

Ship aviation support systems includes landing, guidance, deck tie-down fittings and more. More>

  • Horizon Reference System (HRS) extends shipborne helicopter operations during periods of reduced visibility, high sea states and at night.
  • Helicopter Tie Down Fitting are corrosion resistant and offer full rotation of the tie-down hook.

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