TCG LinkPRO Tactical Data Link Processing Software

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  • Standards-Based
    LinkPRO is a standards-based set of software libraries, applications and databases which gives a Host system the ability to exchange information between TDLs and one or more components of the host system, including operator displays and sensor systems. LinkPRO handles the terminal control and monitoring, data link message processing, forwarding, correlation, transmission rules application, track management etc. for the Host.
  • Data Link Processing Software
    LinkPRO is a software-only solution that runs on Windows 7, 10 or Linux. LinkPRO supports Link 11, Link 16, JREAP, SIMPLE, SADL, Cursor-On-Target, DIS and soon Link 22 and VMF. Also, by leveraging LinkPRO's layered architecture, additional data links can be quickly and cost-effectively added to your system.
  • Multi-TDL and Multi-Terminal
    Multiple Data Links may be configured to operate with a single host connection. LinkPRO can control, monitor and emulate the associated TDL terminals and radios. LinkPRO implements both MIL-STD and STANAG standards and has been deployed worldwide in hundreds of systems.
ATR Adaptable TDL Router

TCG ATR Adaptable TDL Router

Full Featured Link 16 Routing Curtiss-Wright’s TCG Adaptable Tactical Data Link (TDL) Router (ATR) is a technologically advanced, standards compliant Link 16  adapter  and ...

TCG GTS Ground Tactical Data Link System

TCG GTS Ground Tactical Data Link System

The Curtiss-Wright Advantage: Enables virtual and real-world training on multi-TDL networks from the ground to prepare military air operations/flight squadrons for combat Automates Link 16...

TCG HUNTR Tactical Data Link Hub and Network Translator

TCG HUNTR TDL Hub and Network Translator

Curtiss-Wright’s TCG HUNTR tactical data link (TDL) Hub and Network Translator is an intelligent translation gateway for multiple TDLs. It includes patent-pending forwarding technology and is the...

TCG BOSS Battlefield Operations Support Systems

TCG BOSS Battlefield Operations Support System

TDL Network Simulator and Exerciser Curtiss-Wright’s TCG BOSS tactical data link (TDL) testing and platform integration solution allows military end users and prime contractors to verify that...


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The Curtiss-Wright Advantage:

  • Cost effective solutions for integrating tactical data links into weapons, command and control, surveillance and support platforms
  • Allows system integrators to quickly integrate data link processing (DLP) in terminal systems and get advanced solutions to market
  • Allows Ground C2 System Providers to easily integrate high fidelity tactical data link processing capability to their Ground C2 systems and effectively employ tactical data links in the execution of their assigned mission

As the company’s core product, Curtiss-Wright's TCG LinkPRO solution is a suite of software components that provide a custom configurable Data Link Processor for implementing tactical data links (TDLs) in advanced military communications platforms. Through an implementation that leverages object oriented design techniques and state-of-the-art implementation, LinkPRO provides connectivity and link level management for Command and Control (C2) and non-C2 tactical data systems and their host computers.

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