Space data acquisition and onboard handling

Increasing commercial pressures are putting focus on keeping costs to a minimum for space missions. This has led to a widespread use of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) development and operational flight instrumentation for space launchers and vehicles.

Curtiss-Wright's space qualified COTS use highly ruggedized modular data acquisition and telemetry systems that balance low cost with high reliability and leverage a flight test heritage of 20+ years.

Our launch vehicle data acquisition on board data handling has been proven successful on many missions, including Rocket Lab, SpaceX Falcon 9 and Dragon, ESA IXV and ULA Delta V, and have been selected for future use on many more.

Read about Lowering the Cost of Spacecraft Avionics with Radiation Tolerant COTS Electronics here.


Data Acquisition Units

Acra KAM-500 Data Acquisition Systems

Curtiss-Wright’s data acquisition units (DAU) are airborne acquisition and transmission systems that utilize chassis with a standard backplane that accepts over 100+ user selected modules. More>

  • 2-13 User-slot Chassis
  • Includes housing, backplane and power supply
  • 16-bit Address/data bus with read/write control lines
Data Acquisition Accessories

Data Acquisition Accessories

Curtiss-Wright data acquisition accessories consist of products that support the data acquisition, recording and networking range. These offerings are augmented through established global partnerships with best in class suppliers to ensure customers always benefit from optimum system performance. More>

  • Cables, connectors and tools
  • Range of additional products to build more complete systems

TTC Data Acquisition Systems

The TTC DAU (CDAU and EDAU Series) are designed to condition and encode multiple sources of analog and digital data. More>

  • Fixed Chassis with up to 16 module slots
  • Support for Ethernet and iNET

TTC Miniature Network Data Acquisition Systems

Miniature Network Data Acquisition Units range from analog signal acquisition from thermocouples, pressure scanners and video cameras to digital data acquisition. More>

  • Network-based high-speed data acquisition and encoding unit operating at up to 40 Mbps
  • Supports IEEE 1588, SNMP and programmable over Ethernet

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