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ASIST Aircraft Ship Integrated Secure and Traverse system  

ASISTFor those preferring a free-deck landing system, ASIST delivers the benefits of Indal Technologies' advanced handling technology in a lightweight, fully integrated ‘wireless’ system.

Using ASIST, helicopter landings are made solely by the pilot, during a quiescent period in ship motion. ASISTDuring descent, ASIST’s precision H.P.S.E. (Helicopter Position Sensing Equipment) system continuously tracks and monitors the exact position of the aircraft, relative to the designated landing area and displays it to the pilot through a series of visual landing cues.

Guidance data is simultaneously relayed to a computer-controlled Rapid Securing Device (RSD), which automatically moves fore and aft along the flight deck track to maintain its position directly beneath a probe on the underside of the helicopter. Immediately upon touchdown, ASIST Positioning Equipmentthe probe is secured by the RSD, and the aircraft is ready to be aligned and traversed into the hangar.

On deck maneuvering is easily conducted with a single operator with no need to connect any ancillary equipment or guide cables to the helicopter. The unique design of the ASIST RSD make it possible for the single operator to rotate a 30,000 pound helicopter through 360 degrees within the confines of the flight deck – all while maintaining complete security in extreme sea states. To date, some 30 systems are installed or on order for five navies, on seven ship types, operating with five different helicopters.

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