Curtiss-Wright has a comprehensive range of Aerospace Instrumentation equipment, from data acquisition to ground stations, that provide a complete solution from sensor to screen. Our data acquisition range supports advanced signal conditioning, avionics bus monitoring, video/audio compression, integrated data logging and multiple output formats. These data acquisition products work for single chassis and large distributed systems using CAIS, PCM, Ethernet, or hybrid topologies. For Ethernet systems, switches provide interconnections across the system, offering data transmission, programming and precision time synchronization over a single cable using standard technologies.

The system is supported by powerful, intuitive software that enables fast setup and programming as well as tight integration for display and analysis. Recorders mostly store data in PCAP or IRIG 106 Ch 4/10 formats to ensure immediate open access to data.

Curtiss-Wright employs standard networking protocols that include the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), IEEE 1588 PTP, Unicast Datagram Protocol (UDP) and the Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP). XML based metadata standards are used to provide a hardware configuration platform that describes how data is acquired, processed and packaged for transmission, storage or reproduction.

Radio frequency and wireless systems are available that provide high-performance, dependable, economical solutions for many flight and remote ground based applications requiring accurate transmission of telemetry, digital, wideband and video data. Flight termination receivers, airborne telemetry receivers, radar transponders, telemetry transmitters and smart antenna - these all work seamlessly with our ground station product line.

Curtiss-Wright offers analysis software that has been specially designed to deliver a powerful, economical, integrated solution for flight test applications. This includes GS Works, a real-time and post-test display and analysis software suite designed specifically for the flight test community.

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