The flight control computer is at the core of any modern aircraft, both manned and unmanned. In both cases, the flight control computer actuates the primary flight control surfaces to drive the flight path of the aircraft, while also providing finer control for stability. Given the criticality of these functions, flight control computers are often used in a dual or triple redundant configuration and subject to strict compliance to safety standards for software and hardware such as DO-178C and DO-254.

Curtiss-Wright has provided a number of flight control systems using the wide range of products available in our portfolio.


DO-254 Safety-Certifiable Flight Control Computers

The SPIRIT Hawk is a readily deployable avionics processing system that offers the perfect balance of performance, SWaP optimization, and Trusted Computing protections for today’s flight control computers.

  • Reduce your overall cost with a system designed for safety-critical airborne applications and available with DO-254 DAL A artifacts
  • Begin application development immediately in a readily deployable system and perform ground-based and flight demonstrations at an early stage, allowing you to shave a significant amount of time off your path to deployment
  • Customize your system once requirements are clear before locking the design down for certification

Learn more about the 3U SPIRIT Hawk.


DO-254 COTS Modules & Custom Systems

At the core of any flight control computer is one or multiple safety-certifiable processor modules.  A key part of the loop closure for the control system, these processor boards must deliver highly reliable, deterministic performance. To support the advanced redundancy required for DAL A applications like flight control computers, we offer DO-254 SBCs based on Arm, Power Architecture, and Intel processing technology, alongside graphics, video, and I/O modules – all available with DO-254 artifacts for certification.

What’s more, our SPIRIT series allows integrators to mitigate integration risk by choosing from our selection of safety-certifiable modules and rugged chassis for a perfectly tailored solution.

Browse our DO-254 safety-certifiable hardware options or read more about our custom design, build, and integration capabilities.

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