Vehicle Management Solutions

Curtiss-Wright leverages its portfolio of COTS technology processors and interfaces to provide rugged computer systems that support vehicle management functions. We have developed and deployed mission management, payload management, health management, surveillance, networking and data encryption solutions for ground platforms.

Curtiss-Wright Vehicle Management Systems are either COTS solutions, delivered in a few weeks, or customized solutions developed to our customer’s specifications, program cost, and schedule requirements. We can provide complete program lifecycle services including program management, full qualification testing, configuration management, risk management and long term supply/repair.

Committed to supporting the U.S. Army's VICTORY Standard, Curtiss-Wright continues to invest in the development of new and upgraded solutions that simplify vehicle management such as the DBH-672 Digital Beachhead GbE Switch and Vehicle Processor.  The DBH-672 is the latest generation of a rugged COTS GbE siwtch and vetronics computer system, capable of hosting optional VICTORY services software and integrated SASSM/SPS GPS reciever, the DBH-672 is the ideal digital backbone for today's combat vehicles. Standalone network switch and processor LRUs, including the Parvus DuraNET 20-10 and  DuraNET 20-11, make the same VICTORY network infrastructure switching capabilities available as integrated into the Digital Beachhead, while the flexible Parvus DuraCOR 80-40 and DuraCOR 80-41 processor subsystems deliver high-performance multi-core Intel x86-based computing. Alternatively, the modular, rugged 3U, 3-slot MPMC-9331 ground vehicle computer supports VPX form factor modules as well as the VICTORY databus.

Curtiss-Wright also offers solutions for ground vehicle data display and recording.  With the new, low cost ground vehicle mission display, customers can view video on a rugged, 10.4" display developed from decades of industry leading experience in reliability and ruggedization.  This 10.4” display can be connected to a wide variety of video sources including DVI-D or an analog input, and it is suitable for direct connection to mission or map computers. With an optional embedded processor and/or advanced anti-reflective filtering the display provides an enhanced set of features including  Ethernet connectivity and excellent any time readability. If secure recording of the data at rest is required, the Data Transport System (DTS) network file server offers an AES-256-bit encryption option and provides up to 3 TB of rugged, removable storage.

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