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Having Data On Hand When You Need It Most

March 25, 2019

Flight performance data may be required once an aircraft goes into production to identify new issues; production test instrumentation equipment can gather this data with minimal intrusiveness.

PTIE should be able to gather data from different systems and sensors, and store such in one location

A Monitoring Solution for Variable Frequency Power Generators

March 11, 2019

Flight test engineers need a monitoring solution for variable frequency power generators. The Axon AXN/ADC/408 module is the industry’s only solution to support 1.8 Msps sampling rates.

Accelerate Time to Market and Reduce Program Costs

February 21, 2019

Learn how to bring products to market faster, with more features, and at the lowest cost, without sacrificing quality.

Typical infrequent in-house development knowledge life cycle

Meeting the Latest Regulations and Increasing Safety

February 07, 2019

Stephen talks about how a new flight recorder system from Honeywell and Curtiss-Wright enhances safety and eases access to onboard data for operators.

How the black box in the sky works

Managing Network Latency

January 25, 2019

Andrew McCoubrey explores how networking features are used to manage and reduce latency. Do not put safety and mission success at risk for applications that rely on high-speed delivery of real-time data.

Latency in embedded Ethernet networks

New GPGPU Technology Offers Interoperable Solutions for Challenging ISR Systems

January 24, 2019

This infographic explores how you can improve performance through the use of interoperable ISR customizable solutions provided by Curtiss-Wright.

Elevate Performance with Interoperable Solutions for Demanding ISR Systems

Enhancing Network Security with MACsec (IEEE 802.1AE)

January 23, 2019

What is MACsec? What’s the difference between MACsec and IPsec? We discuss in our blog on enhancing network security with MACsec (IEEE 802.1AE).

Enhancing Network Security with MACsec (IEEE 802.1AE)

Filling the Power Architecture Void: What’s Next?

January 07, 2019

NXP, the leading provider of Power Architecture processing units in the defense and aerospace industries, has no follow-on roadmap for future Power Architecture devices. Mike Slonosky looks at the future of Power Architecture processing units and what will fill the void.

VPX3-152, SBC, Power Architecture

The 3 Challenges of Video System Design

December 05, 2018

Cost effective video system integration ensures you can stay in your mission longer; or extend your mission’s duration.

The Challenges of Cost Effective Video Management System Integration

DTS1 - A Data Transfer Unit (DTU) Replacement with Encryption

November 27, 2018

Learn how a single slot Data Transport System can replace existing Data Transfer Units and eliminate client storage, reduce size, weight and power and provide advanced COTS encryption.

DTS1 Data Transport System

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