VPX3-131 3U VPX SBC with NXP Power Architecture P4080 Processor

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Key Features

  • Powerful general-purpose SBC with NXP QorIQ Octal Core P4080 @ 1.2 GHz
  • Memory
    • Up to 8 GB DDR3 SDRAM controlled by single or dual 64-bit controllers, with ECC
    • 256 MB NOR flash
    • 8 GB NAND flash (expandable)
    • 512 KB FRAM
  • I/O
    • (2) 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports (1000-X capable)
    • (1) XMC site, x4 PCIe Gen2
    • (2) RS-232 and up to (2) RS-422 asynchronous serial channels, sync capable, SLDC
    • (1) SATA channel and (4) DIO, (2) USB (with 5020 or 3041)
  • Fabric Interconnect Ports
    • Fabric Ports configurable as:
    • Dual 4-lane PCI Express Gen2 fabric ports, or
    • Eight 1-lane PCI Express Gen2 ports
  • Software
    • Green Hills INTEGRITY
    • LynxOS
    • VxWorks 6.9 BSP
    • Curtiss-Wright U-Boot providing a comprehensive suite of system debug, exerciser, and update functions, BIT, and non-volatile memory sanitization function
  • Additional Features
    • Designed for rugged, rugged embedded and military/aerospace applications, both air- and conduction-cooled
    • VPX/OpenVPX format with support for 8-slot profiles
    • Support for Curtiss-Wright TrustedCOTS
    • Support for NXP's Trusted Boot



  • Mission computer applications
  • ISR applications
  • Controllers
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The VPX3-131 3U OpenVPX Power Architecture Single Board Computer (SBC) combines the performance and I/O capabilities of NXP's P4080 QorIQ Octal processor with an extensive I/O complement to provide a highly capable processing platform for a wide range of rugged, embedded military and aerospace applications. The VPX3-131 SBC, along with the VME-186 and VPX6-187, provides system designers with the same processor (P4080) and software compatibility on VME, 3U or 6U VPX platforms. This provides the freedom and flexibility to move between different form factors as they require, enabling the reuse of applications developed for one form factor on another.

Available in a full range of environmental build grades, the VPX3-131 SBC is up to the challenging task of high density computing packing the greatest functionality into the smallest standard form factor. It supports Green Hills Software INTEGRITY, LynxOS, Linux, and Wind River VxWorks 6.8, 6.9, and 7.0.

For applications that demand the highest levels of hardware, or for system designers looking to protect their IP when deployed, the VPX3-131 provides advanced anti-tamper and information assurance with Curtiss-Wright's TrustedCOTS and NXP's Trusted BOOT technologies and capabilities.

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