Eagle Radar Scan Converter PMC

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Key Features

  • Proven scan conversion technology
  • Screen display resolutions up to 1600 x 1200 pixels
  • Multiple radar windows
  • Simultaneous scan conversion of multiple radars
  • Full software support through PARIS API software library
  • Connects to third-party or Curtiss-Wrights graphics cards
  • BIT and monitor software
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Eagle is a flexible and powerful radar scan converter that is based upon field-proven technology and comes in a compact and mechanically ruggedized PMC form factor. Eagle features a low power, rugged design, enabling it to operate in a wide range of environments, including conditions of high temperature and vibration.

Ideal applications for Eagle include naval command and control display consoles, radar head monitor systems, airborne radar display consoles and ground-based simulators.

Eagle, which supports radar at up to 60 rpm, accepts radar data via high-speed PCI bus transfers, originating from either a Curtiss-Wright radar input card or by way of network from a radar video server. The White-Powell algorithm facilitates radar scan conversion, which allows users to benefit from the best features of forward and reverse scan conversion.

Eagle avoids holes and spokes in displayed images, even when the user zooms in at long range. The Eagle system displays all single-point targets. Using the output from a commonly available standard DVI output graphics card (PanelLink), Eagle digitally combines the generated radar image with customer graphics. The system supports screen display resolutions up to 1600 x 1200.

During video keying, the Eagle places the graphics card video as an underlay or overlay to the radar image. This feature allows target symbols to appear as overlays and maps as underlays. Eagle is designed to simultaneously scan convert radar data from three independent sources. Each source may be displayed in up to eight windows. The windows may have different range scales and allow the radar images to be displayed in different colors and fade rates.

In those cases in which radar coverage areas overlap, multiple radars may be displayed in the same window. However, in such a case the fade rates and color must be the same. Eagle may be configured to manage a wide selection of radar sources and to display the radar images in a variety of formats. Eagle supports continuously rotating antennas, sector scan, reverse scan and random scan input from phased-array antennas. Eagle typically displays data in PPI format, but Curtiss-Wright also offers support for the B-Scan format.

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