VLX2500 6U VME-based Physical Layer Switch

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  • Command Line Interface configuration commands sent via the VME bus or the RS-232 port
  • LED Indicators include: 'Signal Detect' and 'Transmitter On' for each SFP and 'Power On' and 'Heartbeat' for the systemSelect 16, 24 or 32-bit VME bus addressing
  • Built-in Self Test
  • Up to 16 non-blocking SFP transceiver ports (with optional 8-port expansion card)
  • 3.125 Gbps/port baud rate
  • 50 Gbps total bandwidth for 8 ports and 100 Gbps for 16 ports
  • Point-to-Point (full or half duplex), multicast (1 to several), and loop (with auto loop feature) topologies.
  • Optional bypass of clock conditioning circuitry for each port
  • Hot-swappable SFP transceivers
  • Ruggedized version available
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Product Change Notice - VLX2500

Curtiss-Wright, the originator of the Physical Layer Switch, has created the VLX2500 Series VME-based 6U 8x8 and 16x16 Physical Layers Switches. The Physical Layer Switches allow non-blocking, multi-protocol physical layer switching.  Any input can be connected to any output at speeds up to 3.125 Gb/s. With no impact on throughput speed, almost any digital signal can be routed through the VLX2500.

The base VLX2500 switch is a single 6U VME64x card with eight ports. With the addition of an 8-port expansion card, the switch provides 16 ports in two VME slots. Each port input provides an option of clock reconditioning to reduce jitter.

The VLX2500 VME Physical Layer Switch is controlled through an EIA-232 port or via the VMEbus. The EIA-232 port option provides an easy-to-use command line interface (CLI) that allows the user to configure and receive status information from the VLX2500. The CLI provides the following features:

  • Configurable status display
  • Configurable fault isolation
  • Configuration access control
  • Up to four saved configurations
  • Automatic restoration of the most-recently used configuration
  • In-line help for each command

Both the base switch card and the expansion card for the VLX2500 VME Physical Layer Switch utilize small form-factor pluggable (SFP) transceiver modules. Each of these modules provides the physical ports for one input-output pair. While the cross-point switch itself operates from 65Mbps to 3.125Gbps, the transceivers determine the range of data rates or data formats transferred by the VLX2500.

This characteristic provides tremendous flexibility in lab environments that require frequent reconfiguration of heterogeneous networks and systems. In addition, the VLX2500 front panel provides status feedback via LEDs, including a "Power On" indicator, a "Heartbeat" indicator, and "Signal Detect" and "Transmitter On" LEDs for each port.

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