In today’s military environments, systems need to operate over wide temperatures ranges and vibration conditions for mission-critical applications.

Our VPX, XMC, PMC and FMC module-based sensor I/O solutions are designed to handle the toughest operating environments. The expanding product range includes I/O for frequency and time domain applications, and digital I/O.

Product Sheet Product Name IMAGE Form Factor Standard Analog/Digital Type Speed Processor / FPGA
ADC-MOD2 Dual 125 MSPS 14-bit ADC Software Defined Radio Mezzanine FPGA I/O Modules Analog 14b 100-1000 MSPS Not Applicable
DAC-MOD1 Dual 210MSPS 14-bit DAC FPGA Mezzanine FPGA I/O Modules Analog, Digital 14b 100-1000 MSPS Not Applicable
FMC-516 Quad 250MSPS 16b ADC FMC FMC-516, Sigint Mezzanine FMC Analog 16b+ 100-1000 MSPS Not Applicable
FMC-518 Quad 500MSPS 14-bit ADC FMC FMC-518 Quad 500MSPS 14b ADC FMC Mezzanine FMC Analog 14b 100-1000 MSPS Not Applicable
FMC-520 Quad 550MSPS/Dual 1GSPS 16b DAC FMC DAC, FMC Mezzanine FMC Analog 16b+ 100-1000 MSPS Not Applicable
PMC-E2001 100KSPS 16b ADC/DAC PMC Analog I/O Mezzanine PMC Analog, Digital 16b+ < 100 MSPS Not Applicable
VPX3-530 3U VPX Virtex-7 FPGA ADC/DAC 3U VPX ADC 3U OpenVPX, VPX, VPX-REDI Digital, Analog 12b >1 GSPS Xilinx Virtex-7
VPX3-534 3U VPX Kintex UltraScale FPGA 6 Gsps Transceiver 3U OpenVPX, VPX, VPX-REDI Analog 12b 3/6 Gsps Xilinx Kintek UltraScale
VPX3-535 3U VPX Virtex UltraScale+ FPGA 6 Gsps Transceiver / Receiver Transceiver, Receiver, Digital Transceiver, 3U VPX, Virtex UltraScale+,  FPGA 3U OpenVPX, VPX, VPX-REDI, VITA 48.8 , VITA 67 Analog, Digital 12b 3/6 Gsps Xilinx Virtex UltraScale+
XCLK1 Multi-Channel Clock Generator Multi-channel clock generator Mezzanine PMC, XMC Clock Generator Not Applicable <100-3000 GHz+ (build variant) Not Applicable
XF07-516 Quad 250MSPS 16b Kintex-7 Digital Receiver XMC  XMC Mezzanine XMC Analog 16b+ 100-1000 MSPS Xilinx Kintex-7
XF07-518 Quad 500MSPS 14b Kintex-7 Digital Receiver XMC Digital Receiver XMC Mezzanine XMC Analog 14b 100-1000 MSPS Xilinx Kintex-7

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