Rotary Gear Drives

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  ERG 100L ERG 400L ERG 800 ERG 1500N
Typical Traverse drive turret size 1,500 kg
3307 lb
5,500 kg
12125 lb
8,000 kg
17637 lb
20,000 kg
44092 lb
Typical elevation drive weapon caliber 20 mm
90 mm
105 mm
120 mm
Nominal output torque 100 Nm 400 Nm 800 Nm 1,500 Nm
Gear ratio motor: pinion 16:1 to 100:1 16:1 to 40:1 16:1 to 40:1 16:1 to 64:1
Rigidity with motor shaft blocked >60 kNm/rad >200 kNm/rad >360 kNm/rad >600 kNm/rad
Backlash with motor shaft blocked <5 arc minutes <5 arc minutes <5 arc minutes <5 arc minutes
Approx. weight with motor 16 kg
35.27 lb
40 kg
88.18 lb
80 kg*
176.36 lb*
145 kg*
319.67 lb*
Typical dimensions (l x w x h) mm 336 x 137 x 198
13.23 x 5.39 x 7.79"
460 x 195 x 310
18.11 x 5.71 x 9.84"
580 x 210 x 450*
22.83 x 8.27 x 17.72"
720 x 290 x 450*
28.35 x 11.42 x 17.72"

* Including gearhead

  MRG 40
Typical traverse drive turret size 1,000 kg
2205 lb
Typical elevation drive weapon caliber 20 mm
Nominal output torque 40 Nm
Gear ratio motor: pinion max. 3 mm
max. 0.11"
Backlash <50 arc minutes
Approx. weight 11.5 kg
25.35 lb
Typical dimensions (l x w x h) mm 200 x 245 x 200
7.87 x 9.65 x 7.87"
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The Electrical Rotary Gear (ERG) line of drives provide a critical component in the traverse and elevation of a turret by accurately transferring the motor's motion, both while aiming at constant low speeds as well as in stabilize mode, controlling highly dynamic movements.

All linear drives are modular where the servo drive and hand crank can be repositioned if there are location and space restraints. Dual redundant brakes and a manual backup drive (for use when power is off) are also included for system security.

Rotary gear drive ERG 100L Rotary gear drive ERG 400L Rotary gear drive ERG 800
ERG 100L ERG 400L ERG 800
Rotary gear drive ERG 1500 MRG 40 Manual Rotary Gear drive  
ERG 1500 MRG 40  

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