What if you could capture data from any interface on your aircraft and record it all on one compact, easy to operate Airborne Recorder?

Mission and Flight recording programs that incorporate a unit of this kind benefit from lower of recurring and non-recurring costs. Open standard recording formats mean that users are not tied to one particular proprietary format indefinitely and can easily interface with whichever data management & analysis packages are most convenient at a particular time.

These capabilities and benefits are made possible with the Curtiss-Wright range of cockpit mountable multirole recorders. 

  • Each LRU is built using a standard catalog of 100+ modular interfaces and pre-configured by our applications integration team. Since all components are off-the-shelf, the non-recurring effort is just related to configuration capture, Since all components are off-the-shelf, the non-recurring effort is just related to configuration capture, resulting in a very affordable solution for small fleet operators.
  • Acquisition modules can be integrated within the recorder or can be located in remote data concentrators.
  • Each unit is equipped with easy to use front-panel and rear-panel featuring SYNC, Audio and Discrete/Serial remote control interfaces.

Curtiss-Wright has decades of experience designing and manufacturing a wide range of multi-role data acquisition recorders with COTS or bespoke products available to suit the needs of different applications. These rugged recorders are compact and lightweight and support an extensive range of interfaces including avionics buses, analog and digital sources and video and audio. All our recorders feature solid state media (integrated or removable), tightly integrated management, download, replay and analysis software and are fully qualified for harsh environments. Multi-role recorder applications that Curtiss-Wright supports include

Curtiss-Wright’s multi-role recorders promote seamless setup, management, playback and analysis through a tightly integrated software package. Some of our multi-role recorders feature interchangeable modules. This feature expands the range of possibilities for these recorders as they can be adapted for custom recording solutions with COTS products.

Curtiss-Wright also designs and manufactures a wide range of special purpose recorders. Mission recorders, used primarily on fast jets, trainers and other special vehicles, use tightly integrated data analysis and visualization software to record audio, video and avionics bus data. These small, light units typically are in the cockpit with a front panel display and manual controls. Many of their functions may also be operated remotely.

Quick access recorders, as their name implies, allow easy access to storage media. Made for large and small aircraft, they record avionics data bus, CAN bus, Ethernet, ARINC 429, audio, video and IRIG-106 PCM.  They are small and lightweight, ideal for space, weight and power (SWaP)-limited applications. In addition, they serve as an optimal solution in terms of capacity and logging speed.

Example of multi-role recorder development using the Aviblocks development process

SSR-500 AviBlocks development flow example

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