MEC-2061 1/4 Turn (Dzus Rail Mount) PC/104 Enclosure for Avionics/Military Apps

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Application Primarily Avionics, Military
Compatibility Fits Standard 5.0" Rack Opening Using Quick-Release Fasteners (DZUS Quarter- Turn Fasteners)
Capacity Holds up to 11 PC/104 Cards in Railed Card Cage
Mounting Method Adheres to ARINC Mounting Standard MS25212 for Aircraft Dzus Rail
Card Cage Support Can Accommodate Aluminum PC/104 Railed Cage
Protection Can Deliver NEMA 4 Rated Protection
Shock Rocks - Shock/Vibration Isolator for PC/104 Railed Card Cages

Shock Rocks - Shock/Vibration Isolator for PC/104 Railed Card Cages

PC/104 Shock Rocks are designed to isolate and absorb potentially damaging shock and vibration energy experienced by embedded PC/104 electronics in mobile, vehicular and other high shock/vibration...

MEC-2062 EBX SBC Aluminum Enclosures

MEC-2062 EBX SBC Aluminum Enclosures

The MEC-2062 is a rugged aluminum enclosure designed for packaging 5.75" x 8.0" form-factor EBX (Embedded Board, eXpandable) boards or other Single Board Computer (SBC) boards of similar or smaller...

MEC-2060 3/4 ATR PC104 Enclosure

MEC-2060 3/4 ATR PC104 Enclosure

3/4 ATR PC/104 Enclosure Rugged Avionics/Military Chassis for ARINC 404A Mounting The MEC-2060 is designed to meet the demanding requirements of airborne, sea-going, land mobile applications....

DuraChassis Rugged 5x5 PC/104 Chassis with Removable Card Cage

DuraChassis Rugged 5x5 PC/104 Chassis with Removable Card Cage

The DuraChassis extruded aluminum PC/104 enclosure is one of the most rugged PC/104 chassis on the market. Made of lightweight, clear-anodized tempered aluminum, this revolutionary enclosure system...


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The MEC-2061 PC/104 1/4-Turn, Rail-Mount Enclosure offers a rugged packaging solution for PC/104 systems used in aviation, military and other demanding applications. Delivering NEMA rated environmental protection, ZS enclosures enable dependable rail/rack mounting within a standard 5.0" wide rack. They incorporate endcaps designed with Dzus Fastener Quarter-Turn studs, which are commonly used in aircraft access panels. These kind of slide/push action "Zeus" fasteners provide exceptional vibration endurance, high strength fastening, and resistance to accidental opening. Mounting plate dimensions and fastener locations are in full accordance with Military Specification MS25212.

This ZS PC/104 enclosure enables a PC/104 Railed Card Cage fitted with Silastic ZS Shock Rocks to be placed inside for shock and vibration mitigation. Sold separately, Railed Card Cages in 4.0", 6.0" and 8.0" lengths accommodate a 6.0", 8.0", and 10.0" ZS Chassis and hold up to 5, 8, and 11 PC/104 modules, respectively. See Railed Card Cage and Shock Rocks datasheets for more information.

The ZS series is the only enclosure specifically designed for PC/104 boards that uses the Quarter-Turn Dzus fastener rail system. Avionics electronics packages can now take advantage of the small, rugged, PC/104 footprint and gain full PC/AT functionality. Curtiss-Wright also offers 3/4 ATR Enclosures (see MEC-2060) designed for mounting in ARINC 404A avionics racks.

Semi-custom enclosure designs tailored to specific customer requirements (i.e. connector cutouts) can also be accommodated in systems integration projects.

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