MEC-2062 EBX SBC Aluminum Enclosures

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Compatibility Accepts EBX Form Factor Boards (5.75" x 8.0") or smaller
NEMA / Dust Choice of NEMA or Dust style Endcaps for greater/lesser degree of environmental protection for system
Configurations Four (4) possible sizes for Dust or NEMA configurations can be achieved. Possible heights include 3.00", 3.30", 4.90" and 6.30" (extrusion halves are combined with side extensions and their matching sized endcaps).
Finish Hardened Anodize (Clear Color) for Corrosion Protection and Wear Resistance
Material 6061-T5-T6 Extruded Aluminum Alloy
DuraChassis Rugged 5x5 PC/104 Chassis with Removable Card Cage

DuraChassis Rugged 5x5 PC/104 Chassis with Removable Card Cage

The DuraChassis extruded aluminum PC/104 enclosure is one of the most rugged PC/104 chassis on the market. Made of lightweight, clear-anodized tempered aluminum, this revolutionary enclosure system...

MEC-2060 3/4 ATR PC104 Enclosure

MEC-2060 3/4 ATR PC104 Enclosure

3/4 ATR PC/104 Enclosure Rugged Avionics/Military Chassis for ARINC 404A Mounting The MEC-2060 is designed to meet the demanding requirements of airborne, sea-going, land mobile applications....

MEC-2061 1/4 Turn (Dzus Rail Mount) PC/104 Enclosure for Avionics/Military Apps

MEC-2061 1/4 Turn (Dzus Rail Mount) PC/104 Enclosure for Avionics/Military Apps

The MEC-2061 PC/104 1/4-Turn, Rail-Mount Enclosure offers a rugged packaging solution for PC/104 systems used in aviation, military and other demanding applications. Delivering NEMA rated...


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The MEC-2062 is a rugged aluminum enclosure designed for packaging 5.75" x 8.0" form-factor EBX (Embedded Board, eXpandable) boards or other Single Board Computer (SBC) boards of similar or smaller dimensions (i.e. EPIC, ETX, PC/104, etc), while provide either standard Dust or enhanced NEMA environmental protection (NEMA 4/4X rating). By combining the following components, an EBX NEMA enclosure can be configured to desired height, length and endcap requirements:

  • Extrusion Halves - Top and Bottom -Two of these 14.0" long halves are placed on top of each other to form a 3.0" high EBX extrusion. If additional height in needed (i.e. for tall PC/104 card stack), side extensions can be used between extrusions for a total enclosure height of either 3.30", 4.90" or 6.30".
  • Side Extensions (Optional) - For applications requiring more than 3.0" height clearance, side extensions in various sizes can be placed between extrusion halves on each side to increase the total enclosure height by 0.5", 1.9" or 3.3".
  • Endcaps - "Dust" style endcaps are attached on each end of the extrusion halves to provide protection from dust and falling debris.
  • Aluminum NEMA endcaps are orderd by combining an endcap plate and a NEMA endcap ring. Endcaps measure 6.6" across and either 3.0", 3.5", 4.9" or 6.3" tall to fit the desired size of EBX enclosure. Plates come in four sizes to mate with their corresponding sized endcap ring. The NEMA cap design offers enhanced environmental protection from dripping water compared to standard Dust Caps.

Semi-custom enclosure designs tailored to specific customer requirements (i.e. connector cutouts) can also be accommodated.

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