Challenges in Aerospace Instrumentation 

The challenges facing developers are often the same - ensure a system can collect, process and store data reliably each and every flight. But systems can be complex and often you are faced with a new or unusual requirement that may not be solved with existing products on the market. At the same time, systems need to be developed and installed quickly, and be capable of adapting to changing needs, both during and after the development cycle.

Lowering Risk

Risk can be lowered by using trusted COTS systems that deliver data reliably and that are flexible to allow for rapid reconfiguration when requirements change. Working with a proven partner can also help to ensure your system meets your requirements correctly while strong support will lower risk in the event of unforeseen problems. Choosing a partner with a track record for delivering robust customized COTS solutions can help ensure data is delivered reliably.

Curtiss-Wright are the leading providers of next generation technologies and offer a wide range of COTS product with the capability to customize offerings where required. We use modular systems to develop and deliver systems quickly and to ensure systems can be adapted quickly to meet any new requirements. Our total systems solution helps to remove integration issues while our decades of experience in the industry mean we can help you meet your programs needs. We have decades of experience developing rock solid systems for harsh environments such as engine bays and high radiation environments of Earth orbit. 

Deploying our systems means getting the leading expert partner to deliver a total solution with less risk of losing data and having to suffer the schedule and financial costs. 

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