KAD/EBM/102 1 channel Gigabit Ethernet Bus Monitor

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  • Monitors a single 1000BaseT, IEEE 802.3 standard compatible, Gigabit Ethernet interface over copper cabling
  • Coherently parses and classifies IPv4 packets up to 1,500 bytes and tags for up to 254 different flows and one catchall flow
  • Supports flow identification on selected frame fields (8 × 16-bit fields) such as Ethernet MAC addresses, IP addresses, Layer 3 (UDP/TCP) fields, and Layer 4 application layer fields such as stream identifiers


  • Monitoring, recording, diagnosis and troubleshooting of Ethernet network traffic
  • Detection of system failures and performance problems
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KAD/EBM/103 Parser for ARINC-429 on an ARINC 664 Part 7 (A664P7) network

KAD/EBM/103 Parser for ARINC-429

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1 channel Gigabit Ethernet bus monitor parser

The KAD/EBM/102 can operate on 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX and Gigabit Ethernet (1000BASE-T) links and parse Ethernet frames. This allows the data within the parsed Ethernet frames to be distributed to other KAM-500 modules. The KAD/EBM/102 can classify traffic using 8 x 16-bit frame fields such as MAC addresses, IP addresses, IP length, protocol type (UDP/TCP), UDP or TCP port numbers. Up to 254 unique flows can be identified, where a flow represents a stream of Ethernet frames from a specific source to a specific destination.

Flows are tagged with time stamps and packet count. The identification is based on the classification parameters with optional masking. All other traffic, excluding network management traffic such as ARP and ICMP-PING, is optionally discarded or else monitored via the catchall parser slot-ID 254. The KAD/EBM/102 replies to ARP requests and ICMP-PING requests. The KAD/EBM/102 can optionally operate in a promiscuous mode, which allows it to observe all traffic on the link, not only packets that are addressed to it. 

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