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With a range of software tools and solutions that have been developed from the ground up to support a range of defense and aerospace applications, Curtiss-Wright reduces program risk and cost by ensuring the software that supports our systems are fully supported throughout the programs lifecycle.


Enabling Secure, Interoperable Tactical Communications Systems for the Global Military Community

Tactical data links (TDLs) are standardized, highly structured communication links used by the military for the transmission and exchange of tactical data among US joint and coalition partners. Tactical data link communications are also at the center of all military command and control systems today. TDL-based solutions offer a means of secure communications via networks such as Link 11, Link 16, Link 22, SADL, JREAP, VMF, CESMO, and CoT. TDL standards are highly complex and constantly evolving, and TDL solutions need to interoperate across platforms, service branches, and even international boundaries. Curtiss-Wright’s powerful, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) TCG line of TDL solutions minimize the time and effort required to build, integrate, test, train and deploy effective and affordable military communications systems.

Curtiss-Wright is a worldwide leader of tactical data link software solutions that allow military operating and training units, government testing organizations and prime defense contractors to quickly achieve better connectivity and capability at the tactical edge. By creating cost effective, integrated tactical communications solutions, warfighters in the air and on the ground can now exchange real-time tactical information and share a common operating picture for improved operational coordination, situation awareness, and mission effectiveness.


Premier Setup, Real-Time and Post-Test Flight Test Software

Curtiss-Wright’s DAS Studio and TTCWare setup and management software is used to configure our data acquisition, network, recording, RF, imaging, and ground station products. It has been developed using feedback from decades of support experience in the data acquisition community to make it intuitive, fast, and efficient to use. It saves time in entering, reviewing, and validating setup information. User interfaces are simple to learn with data rich tables and a consistent look that cuts through the complexity of configuring a data acquisition system.

Curtiss-Wright’s IADS is the premier real-time display and post-test analysis system for flight test, used by every major test program in the US and in many other countries world-wide. IADS significantly improves flight test efficiencies and helps to speed program completion with powerful display and analysis software with a comprehensive catalog of supporting hardware and software components to suit single computer to large control room applications. The IADS software team has a deep understanding of the needs of flight test engineers with over 100 years of test experience and deep working relationships with a number of leading flight test teams. IADS can process a virtually unlimited number of parameters and quickly offers support for the latest standards. New features are constantly being added, such as requesting additional or dropped data from recorders, and comprehensive training programs and resources are available.


Intuitive Communications Management

PacStar IQ-Core Software addresses the growing problem of communication system management complexity. Key benefits include an intuitive user interface, the reduction of configuration errors, simplified troubleshooting, and more.


Open Standards-Based, High-Performance Embedded Computing Software Tools

Traditional embedded software tools are no longer up to the challenge: You get locked into a hardware vendor’s proprietary software and spend months developing the software only to have hidden bugs push you over budget and over schedule.

By leveraging to open standard, tested and mature tools, you are guaranteed to get up to speed faster and rid yourself of debugging nightmares. Based on similar hardware, mature tools, and a larger installed user database, Curtiss-Wright’s high performance embedded computing (HPEC) tools import software from the high performance computing community to reduce cost and time to deployment of embedded systems.

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