AVDU Mission Displays

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Key Features

  • High brightness and advanced optical stack provide anytime readability
  • Night vision compatibility
  • Full touchscreen capability
  • Touchscreen over USB
  • Messaging and control over RS-422
  • Multiple video inputs and operator views
  • Highly configurable and field upgradeable
  • Fully ruggedized and sealed unit;


  • Airborne (rotary and fixed wing) 
  • Civil (police, search and rescue) and military 
  • Naval and ground vehicles 
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RVDU Rugged Video Display Unit

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Curtiss-Wrights AVDU range of rugged mission displays offers a unique combination of new technology, including optically-bonded glass and dual mode NVIS-compatible LED backlighting, and a rich feature set including a highly flexible video input capability and touchscreen over USB support.

Enhanced software features enable system configuration flexibility and touchscreen capabilities that fulfill a wide range of mission requirements.

Product Size Aspect Ratio Resolution Dimensions Weight Power Consumption
AVDU2615 10.4" 4:3 1024 x768 9.6 x 7.9 x 3.2" (250 x 200 x 82 mm) 8.8 lb (4.0 kg)  40 W 
AVDU3015 12.0" 16:10 1280x800 12.2 x 9.5 x 3.2" (310 x 241 x 82 mm)  10.8 lb (4.9 kg)  55 W 
AVDU3615 14.1" 16:10 1280x800 14.1 x 10.4 x 3.4 (357 x 274 x 87 mm)  13.2 lb (6.0 kg)  55 W 
AVDU4315 17.3" 16:9 1920x1080 16.9 x 11.8 x 3.2" (430 x 300 x 82 mm)  13.7 lb (6.4 kg)  70 W 
AVDU5515 21.5" 16:9 1920x1080 20.8 x 13.9 x 3.2" (529 x 352 x 82 mm)  19.4 lb (8.8 kg)  85 W 


The AVDU is currently available in five display sizes and resolutions to address a wide variety of applications on ground, airborne and naval platforms. Fully qualified to established environmental standards, the displays can be used in standalone mode, where multiple video input capability can be used to present a number of configurable operator views, or as part of a Curtiss-Wright video management system (VMS) alongside video distribution switches and recorders. When used in a VMS, the displays touchscreen capability allows all the functionality of these units to be easily controlled by the operator. The displays feature multiple control inputs including Ethernet, CANBus, RS-232/RS-422 and USB, and the most widely used video interfaces including DVI HD-SDI, VGA and composite video, offering maximum flexibility to system integrators. They are fully interoperable with the latest turret and downlink solutions on the market.

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